I grew up in Denver, and after starting my career in Connecticut, I am happy to be back in beautiful Colorado. Beyond being a psychologist, I love getting outdoors with my kids and playing in this amazing state of ours. My work stems from my desire to make sure quality services exist for the kids and parents who need them. I believe there is a significant cost to society as a whole if people, especially adolescents, lose their connection to important people in their lives. As we have seen too often, this lack of critical support can have tragic consequences. Much of my therapy work focuses on rebuilding the capacity to make meaningful connections to parents, community, and/or other kids. Without strong social support, kids can lead risky lives, void of their single most important protective factor.

Ultimately, I am dedicated to what I do because I believe all kids and families are worth it.


I received a doctorate in psychology from the University of Denver in 2008. My internship and postdoctoral fellowship were completed at the Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut. During my training, and in the years that followed, I also worked at Connecticut Children's Medical Center as a pediatric psychologist. My training in neuropsychology comes from a predoctoral internship at National Jewish Hospital, as well as three years of postdoctoral work completing evaluations with Connecticut Pediatric Neuropsychology Associates.


I am a member of the American Psychological Association.